Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another List-Based Post

At one point in the not-so-distant past, I used to post substantive column-style writings on this thing. I used to carry around ideas or issues, work some stuff out on the long commute, argue with my charter-school employed friends in inappropriate social contexts, and then flesh it out here. Now I settle for charming anecdotes about my students, because this guy called me a downer, as well as bulleted lists that all too frequently feature hoofed mammals. The Wall Street term for this blog's intellectual quality is "trending downward."

In any event.

Summer Teaching-Related Events

1) Work for the Oakland City Teaching Corps, training teachers possessed of various experience outside of low-income, under-taught, high needs schools to take on the mission and ethical imperative of working in the schools where their experience and skill set is most needed.

2) Trytrytry to drudge through the mind-erasingly boring coursework necessary to clear my damn credential. Part of the tech class, all of the health class, and the CPR certification that includes (important! important!) child life-saving as well.

3) I think I've been accepted into a Masters Program for Educational Leadership, along with the other teachers on my team. No formal paperwork has been received, of course, but I have received numerous cryptic emails referencing course registration and book lists. There is a clear course of action in all this somewhere.

4) Write a long-term plan for student acquisition of word-processing skills.

5) If the funding and various manipulations pan out, our school will schedule a Summer Academy of indeterminate length and I think I'd like to be a part of that in some capacity.

All additional time will be spent eating at Boogaloo's, writing things, and reading books in my oh so spacious backyard while drinking up that lovely San Francisco summer sun and consuming manycoldbeers. ***

***Look what I do with my time off! I'm overpaid! I'm suckling the public teat dry! Dock my pay! Take my summer's away!


Blogger posthipchick said...

The real question, obviously, is how many biscuits with herb-cream gravy can you put away at Boogaloo's? Because I can get down two, but I'm a breastfeeding food.

A former waiter there is the one who bought St. Francis Ice Cream Fountain (have you been yet?) and once I figured that out, I was begging him to add those to the St. Francis menu.

He said he would work on it this summer. I haven't seen anything yet, but I am still waiting.

Wow, look how long I talked about biscuits. But they ARE that good.

10:31 PM  
Blogger posthipchick said...

I mean a breastfeeding FOOL! FOOL! I am not food (well, actually, I am, which is sort of the point, but that's not what I meant to type).

10:32 PM  
Blogger pseudostoops said...

Oh, man, you remind me that I need to clear my credential, too- I've done all the coursework, and the additional paperwork and wrangling with SJSU have made me put it off for TWO YEARS. Not good.

8:41 PM  
Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

They eat biscuits in San Fran? Are they covered in white gravy? Because that's nature's best food (and good for moms too, phc!)

Yes, as I work away for free every summer woverhauling my curricula (note the plural), I always am charmed by those who say I am overpaid.

What part of "I get no paid vacation, I get no paid vacation, I GET NO PAID VACATION" do people not get?

8:29 AM  
Blogger TMAO said...

PHC, far be it for me to attempt to challenge a recently pregnant, currently breast-feeding mother in the consumption of biscuits and gravy, (these are S.F. b&g Ms. C, all vegan and whatnot [and if all vegan food tasted like that gravy I would've converted long ago]) but I've done one plus the extra gravy they serve in an over-flowing bowl. That's all I've got.

11:33 AM  
Blogger KC said...

OMG, you did not change your MO because of that dolt-who-should-go-linkless, did you? He was expunged from my blogroll for that. (Though I'd been increasingly tired of his schtick for a while. His ego is the biggest downer of them all.)

3:40 PM  
Blogger TMAO said...

Naw, KC, I was offering the sarcasm. When that guy, with the greatest inverse relation to blogger self-perception and demonstrable quality, says something like that, you just decide to not let him live it down. Ever.

The only other thing in my blogging career I've found as bizarre was when that Jacobs lady, who comments on everything the SJ Merc publishes on education, ignored the editorial on our success. Hmm... coincidence?

8:17 PM  

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