Tuesday, May 30, 2006

To Do List (by 6.16.06)... now with update!

1) Finish Mango Street with the 1-6-7 group, get em into the lab for the A.R. quiz, and redesign your cumulative review because there are not enough days left to get the original done.

We finished the book, somewhat anitclimatically, and all but one kid passed the A.R. quiz, thereby ensuring many of those 7th period Fs would turn to Ds. And how proud we are of all of them. No final project was possible, given our limited timeframe.

2) Shepherd the 3-4-5 group through their own summative Seedfolks projects.

Three kids did not pass the A.R. quiz and many got 60%, but the final projects were excellent. Pictures are sure to follow.

3) Administer the final Big Goal Challenge for Big Goal #4 (read 180 w/p/m) and update accordingly.

In September, 0% of my class could read 180 words per minute on grade level text. Now, 40% can. Average w/p/m increase was about 54, almost two grade levels.

4) Update all Big Goals and facilitate in-class awards ceremony.


5) Order awards for #4 above.

Failure. I just kept putting it off and putting it off and then it was too late. Last year I had these great ribbons; this year I settled for computer-printed certificates: a metaphor, if you will, for the entire year.

6) Wrap-up 2-minute read projects.

Done, and they weren't so good. Obviously, ELL kids ranked as intermediate on the English fluency scale will struggle to read fluently, clearly, and with emotion, but taken these as a given, the effort and preparation was way down.

7) Shepard both groups through the revision and final draft process of the last Response to Literature essay, grade, and return.

We wrote and typed them, but there was not time for assessment and return.

8) Organize Annual Athletic Award Night Banquet.

This went well. Before, kids on sports teams ate pizza in the cafeteria after school. Last year I pushed to involve parents more, to some limited success. This year it came off well. We had a pot-luck, lot's of parents came, there was a good vibe, trophies were handed out, and people left full and happy.

9) Prepare for the WestEd webinar, this time with neat-o added pressure because it's being hyped within the District.

Ah, yes. These things are very strange, you know. You all enter this chat space and teleconference "room," and someone starts talking and moving through the powerpoint. About 30 people entered the webinar, but in many cases 3-5 people were listening under a single name.

I presented well and the questions demonstrated they got it and appreciated it. One school paid a visit as a result, and a local newspaper editor in attendance was sufficiently stirred to write a praiseworthy piece on our school's reform model. So, okay. Good.

10) Write a letter to every current student and maybe a dozen former, graduating students.

Oh man, what was I thinking?

11) Steer the way through unit-4 in High Point B and High Point C, administer and grade unit-4 exams, diagnostic exams, and make 06-07 placement recommendations.

Yeah, and they sucked. Kids bombing tests they should have aced right and left. I don't get it.

12) Collaboratively organize and schedule long-term planning work day.

Done and a good time was had by all. We planned events, organized a summer academy, charted the High Point program's instructional holes with regard to assessment of grade level standards, and watched some World Cup.

13) Vaccinate self against various illness so that upcoming South America jaunt does not end in tragedy.

Yes. Typhoid and Hep-A in the left arm, yellow fever in right.

14) Fix brakes so that upcoming commutes do not end in tragedy.


15) Live better so that upcoming middle age does not end in tragedy.

Yesterday I drank beer nonstop from 9:30 am to 1:30 am. Along the way I ate fried eggs, hasbrowns, onion rings, buffalo wings, french fries, and an ice cream sandwich. I am doomed.


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