Sunday, May 07, 2006

Testing: Days 2-4

Things go well. You cannot look at the tests or discuss the tests, so the only indicators of performance and preparedness are how they do the work. You look for body language and reaction. Are they blank-staring? Are they finishing way too fast? Are they finishing way too slow?

When it's all over, we use this data analysis program called Cruncher, which allows one to view all manner of CST and CELDT data, disaggregated along all manner of different factors. One of the reports you get back is the pie-chart.

I fear the pie-chart.

It shows, in multi-colored format, the percentage of students who advanced a CST proficiency level (or more), lost a level, or remained within the same level. Green = good. Red = bad. Yellow = bad, too, so half of your potential categories are bad. My pie-chart looked pretty good last year, but still, it's scary. They pick up their #2 pencils, and I get this pseudo-illusionary flashes of them forming a human pie chart. Colors float above their heads as they separate themselves into different pie-groupings. It's a rough way to begin the day.


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