Monday, May 01, 2006

Day Without An Immigrant

About 40 percent of our students boycotted today. Seventy-five percent of my class was not in attendance. For those scoring at home, that's about eight kids per class.

Many of those who came wore white shirts upon which was written: "I am in school today to receive the education to become a leader of tomorrow."

We did test prep, previewed new vocabulary and spelling, learned dialogue using elbow macaroni for quotation marks and commas, and played the pop-tart review game.

Ratio of U.S. to Mexican flags I saw on my way home? 1:1

I support the engagement of my students in larger affairs and I hope today furthers their understanding of the salient issues. The big concern is whether they will arrive at school tomorrow, the first day of testing, ready to launch our school into the top-10 city wide, ready to show what they know and continue to defy the myth that poor & Latino inevitably equals low-achievement.


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