Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Yes, that was me buying ginger root at 5:15 this morning in that gnarly grocery store on S. Van Ness. The ginger will be used as an engaging anticipatory set -- remember when we used to care more about those than the actual lesson?

Each quarter I add up all the kids' required Accelerated Reader points, add fifty, and say if you can earn these points by the end of the quarter, we'll have a reward day. For the first time in seven quarters (times 2 classes) someone did it. But we're in rev-up to high-stakes testing mode, then we're actually going to administer the tests, and I cannot justify taking the time to celebrate our achievement with junk food right now. However, if I put it off too long, the shine wears off, they forget why they earned it, and the whole thing is anti-climatic. Oh! Who will guide me through these narrow channels?

I think I found a solution: Monday is the "Day Without An Immigrant" protest in California. I'm estimating 50% of the kids will choose to exercise their political will by marching or staying home. This obviously puts a damper on potential learning so... What if I schedule the reward day for Monday?

It fits so well, but I feel snide and snarky doing it. I don't know.
Update: I'm not having the reward day on Monday. Two weeks from now.


E: Yo Mr. [TMAO], you ever been shot?
ME: No.
E: You ever been shot at?
ME: No. Why?
E: Cuz I was. Last weekend.
ME: What? What happened?
E: We were walking and this guy went crazy and started shooting. He hit my friend.
ME: What? Is he okay?
E: He's dead.
::bell rings, brunch ends, kid leaves, 30 new kids walk in, class starts::

But according to the commenters over at this site, low-IQ drives the low academic achievement in low-income communities.


Blogger Mike in Texas said...

Welcome to the club. Isn't it amazing how people throw insults your way even when you're not participating in the discussion?

As I always say, "Ahhh, compassionate conservatives". . .

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Eric said...

Does the welcome apply to me (Eric)? I noticed stuff I never said attributed to me (by name).

Things got a bit goofey (and the empties weren't picked up and furniture righted).

That said, the general concept of finding things that work and integrating them with other things that work appears sound.

The AFT (American Educator) seems to be ahead of the NEA in this regard.

Also, are there any NEA channels for TMAO's WestEd presentation? Are slides available? I'd certainly like to see that work get the same visibility as Mount Royal's Linda Eberhart and Brazosport's Mary Barksdale.

BTW, MiT mentioned economists. The helpful ones make projections to estimate the amount of improved student performance necessary boost GNP and fund continued benefits for teachers. Those are the ones I'd suggest taking seriously. Perhaps teachers could respond with Si Se Puede.

3:49 PM  
Blogger TMAO said...

"Also, are there any NEA channels for TMAO's WestEd presentation? Are slides available?"

Eric, if you email me I'll send you a [very slightly] redacted version.

6:34 AM  

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