Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Crazy Event Day

The mayor of San Jose will be on campus to present our second consecutive Progress to Excellence Award, awarded to the five schools with the highest combined API scores over the past two years. (We = 154). The T.V. cameras are outside, so if you live in the 408, tune to your local NBC affiliate and revel in the magnitude of it all.

The mayor was here, accompanied by a flock of motorcycle cops and the Sharks fire truck blasting "Pump Up The Jam." Last year we got a banner; this year a glass (trophy? sculpture?) thing shaped vaguely like a spade. A good time was had by all.

Hip-Hop 360, one of our after-school activities teams, put on its end-of-the-year show today. Kids scratched, break-danced, MCed, fashion showed, and read short essays about a healthy lifestyle that rejects tobacco, alcohol, and friends who make you do "bad stuff." Good times.

Booths have been set up around the quad and kids make the circuit, looking at information and receiving the stamps that will allow them to eat any of the multitudinous free tacos. Which are good. The tacos.

Local band La Oriente takes the stage in the quad, belting out the tunes to a lot of empty seats. They're good, the logistics didn't pan out, and a lot of kids left. Plus, it's hot in the quad and they've already been sitting for a while.

Career Day and the 13-minute periods that I will fill with learning. This is not sarcasm. I will not be held down. Along with the mini-periods is the invitation/ imperative that kids wear "professional dress."

M: Whoa. Wait. This sounds like church clothes.
J: Yeah, yeah. Como él. (me)
M: If I'm wearing church clothes I want the pan dulce after.


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