Friday, November 11, 2005

Girls Basketball 0-5

If this were last year, with last year's team, and with last year's expectations, I would not be sleeping, eating, or functioning. I sure as hell wouldn't be teaching or preparing in any way for classroom instruction. After last year's upset loss cuased by two consecutive last minute turnovers where I failed to call time-out to settle the troops, I could barely drive home. I screamed "fuck" and pounded the steering wheel. But that was then, this is now (as S.E. Hinton would say), and yesterday's 3-point loss, and Tuesday's 2-point loss are such an improvement over our first-game shut-out that I actually feel okay.

We need guard play. Man, we need guard play. Our peremiter defense is awful, our ball-handling and passing sloppy, our transition defense terrible beyond words, and our transition offense went 0-5 on breakaway lay-ups.

Monday I'm making changes. We're going all basic skills, all the time. No more plays, no more strategy. Dribbling, footwork, lay-ups, and we're doing it the right way. And we're going to run until everyone drops. For reals, man.

Bright Spots
--Holy Crap, my power forwards can shoot 3's!


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