Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This Week in 7th Grade ELD/ L.A. / Reading

Sound: long e spelled "ee" and "ea"
Prefix/ Suffix: -able
Vocabulary: High Point A, Unit 2, pg 80 (1-6-7); High Point B, Unit 2, pg 82 (3-4-5)
SKILL: subject (complete, compound, in a compound sentence)
Reading Strategy: Visualize (1-6-7); Fact & Opinion (3-4-5); Cause & Effect (both)
Explicitly Reviewing: Paraphrase, Adjectives & Adverbs
Implicitly Reviewing: Burritio T.S. (1-6-7); Proper & Common Nouns (both); Action & Being Verbs (both)

I'm like the entire assembly in a factory producing mid-range farm machinary. Step-by-step, twist the bolts, turn the screws, attach the rotating pin. Blunt, forceful, like novacain: Give it time, it'll always work.


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