Thursday, October 26, 2006

Unrestrained Joy

It's been a long time since I won a girls basketball game. The girls who were last coached to a win under my leadership are currently sophomores in high school. There are many reasons for this, some obvious ones, some other very technical ones involving a shift from a 4-guard system filled with lot's of running and trapping, to a slow-down play from the post attack.

But today we won.

And it was good. Big shots were made. An offense was run. Rebounds and steals were made in timely fashion.

Personally, I used timeouts like a champ, one as a player was falling out of bounds, twice to set up key defense possessions. I also did some great work with the officials. "I'm just saying she wouldn't've traveled if she hadn't've gotten crashed into. That's all I'm saying."

It was good, and somehow the girls got it into their heads to dump Gatorade on me. For a 3-point pre-season win.

Today I learned a new euphemism for pooping, won a basketball game, got sport-drink thrown on me, and ate a pretty good burrito. I almost don't care that the hard drive proved completely unsalvageable.


Anonymous Jeri said...

That's so great! Last night I "coached" a journalist as he photographed the Homecoming Game. A person can't quite explain how wonderful it is when a kid discovers a new skill and says, "Hey, this is fun!"

9:11 AM  

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