Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Middle School Basketball... and... Some College, Too

Middle School

Now we are going streaking. Two in a row baby. Winning is good, and I sacrificed the extra playing time for some of my role players to make sure we got there (although I did start them), but really, it's the improvement that gets me psyched for next year. That, and the man-imal who sat this year out because he couldn't make grades. Somehow, watching the other kids struggle every night makes me think he'll keep it together long enough to get on the team. But seriously, the improvement. Passing, shooting, and poise. The poise especially tonight. Slowly and methodically moving the ball from side to side to break down the press and then finding the open man and hitting the open shot. It's a simple game.

The 8th graders sleep-walk through a 35 point win and start to gear up for the playoff run that will ultimately, if the storybook writers have their way, lead us to a championship game rematch against the $10,000 + / year Christian school. Remember? The ones who handed us Gatorade after the game?

We're gonna win.

And then we're gonna give em tamales.


How is it that Duke gets every single call, on the road? Tyreece Rice was fouled by Sheldon Williams. Tyreece Rice was fouled by Sheldon Williams. When you knock someone down with your body and do not touch the ball at all, that is a foul. By Sheldon Williams. On Tyreece Rice.


Anonymous Jeri said...

Tell me when that game is; I'd like to be there to see you beat 'em. Tamales. That's good!

6:08 AM  

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