Sunday, March 16, 2008

Getting My Panel Discussion On

Last month I had the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion on education reform. Last week, the 408's paper of record printed some excerpts along with a picture where I look more than a little sleepy and jowly. I had no idea this event would be immortalized in print, and all these people at the Mountain View PD were saying, I saw you in the paper. I just say thanks, laugh awkwardly, and hope it wasn't an article about how I'll be getting fired soon.

When I got a copy of the editorial supplement (not available on-line) I realized everything I said was a paraphrased outtake of rather verbose blog posts. I'm quoting myself. That can't be good, right? It's a pretty short trip from paraphrasing your blog in front of business people to doing that third-person self-referential thing. So, rather than retype the words that were reprinted last Sunday, I've included some choice observations from the event, with links to the relevant elucidating posts.

■ "I think meritorious pay is [critical]. I say that as a union rep, as a teacher. I say that as someone who feels he's meritorious." [Rules For the Voyage]

■ "I've been a teacher for six years. It does not matter how good a job I do. I am doing the same entry-level work I did six years ago." [The Ledge]

■ "[English Language Learners and poor kids] cost more to educate effectively. The job is bigger. So, let's stop funding it the same." [Sacramento Gets One Right... So Far]

■ "We have an LCD projector in all the classrooms in my school. That's awesome, right? But do we know how to use an LCD projector to teach kids how to read?" [Budget Cuts, Shmudget Pluts]

■ "Our teacher preparation programs prepare folks to teach in Cupertino, but not the east side of San Jose. They don't prepare people to teach in West Oakland." [Gonna be a whole lot on this. A whole lot.]


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I meant to email you, "honey, get a haircut".

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That photo was one day post-haircut...

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