Monday, February 18, 2008

Insert Expected Spider-Themed Title

Eduwonkette is to the world of policy blogs what the Lost Season 2 DVD extras are to the fans of well-written TV. She has created a web outlining the interconnectivity of leading education reform/ advocacy/ policy organizations. Check out the comment section, and the reactions of K.Carey and A.Rotherham, which seem like textbook cases of doth protesting too much.

In the interest of tongue-in-cheek disclosure, I've cashed (small) checks from three of these organizations, and hope to cash (larger) checks from a fourth sooner rather than later, but I think the interconnectivity of these groups is less about string-pulling old men in back rooms, and more about that feeling Cheers made famous. Sometimes you want go where you can skip the ideological foreplay performed on a tightrope, and just talk about doing and fixing.


Anonymous Caroline said...

Hendrik Herzberg in the New Yorker recently described "the conservative infrastructure of think tanks and policy journals." That whole structure could be included in the web too.

I like this point from Oakland Unified parent activist Sharon Higgins, which I quoted in the blog:

"...ignorance causes people to concoct unrealistic and simplistic solutions that they believe will fix the problems. The solutions that have become current educational policies are ineffective, inadequate and destructive."

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