Saturday, September 30, 2006

Retroactive Saturday Academy Diary

I dominated today. I designed and implemented a three-tiered intervention system. I ran the greatest Saturday Academy in the history of East 408.

No, for reals.

6:00 Wake-up before the alarm goes off because this feels like sleeping in, mostly because it actually is.

7:30 Arrive at school after blasting Strike Anywhere's new album ("Why are the good people compromised/ by the road we have to follow?") all the way down the peninsula, and a variety of prepping occurs, aided by the fact the copy codes have been reset, which would have otherwise caused major havoc.

8:30 Nine members of Group A arrive, and proceed to rock phonics for an hour. We do short vowels (all of em) and the blends /sh/ /ch/ /th/ /br/ /tr/. I utilize the REWARDS program and High Point Basics, which I'd never taught before. Kids are reading, volunteering, and we even squeeze in some work with personal pronouns and being verbs.

9:30 Ten kids from Group B join group A (on time! they were on time!) and we frontload the learning for the next two weeks. We do conjunctions, simple subject, cause-and-effect. We practice fluency and plot mountain.

11:30 Twelve kids from Group C show up and we all hit the library for reading and the taking A.R. quizzes. They each have to pass two quizzes at 80% to earn the pizza I've ordered. (Yes, state of California and purveyors of intrinsic motivation, I fed them pizza and soda). Driven by the consumption of high fructose corn syrup and grease, they do well, eat, leave a mess and then proceed to tackle each other on the grass in front of the school and I'm not sure where my professional responsibilities lay because it kinda looks like fun.

12:45 I drive home after explaining for the tenth time that no, we can't do this again next week because I'll be in Palo Alto. The week after, yes, I promise. Yes.



Blogger Mrs. B said...

Congrats on the domination. It always feels good.

5:32 PM  

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