Thursday, August 24, 2006

Embracing the CAHSEE

I refuse to allow this endeavor to become one of those blogs that just links to things and adds snarky one-liners at the bottom, but I pretty much have a man-crush on EdTrust-West and its director -- who is not a man, thereby limiting the usefulness of the metaphor, but not, I feel, lessening my force of feeling, the manner in which it ought to be categorized in the grand scheme of things, and hopefully your desire to read this letter about the CAHSEE, which is strongly written and very well done.

It discusses the process of myth defying, and uses the phrase opportunity gap. I like this, but at some point, we're going to overkill on gap-ology, the way our society over-killed on flannel and calling everyone by their first initial and an abbreviated portion of their last name.


Blogger KC said...

Did you notice that SFUSD published some stats, picked up by the Examiner, on students that failed the CAHSEE. It showed that many (~75% ?) who failed also failed to meet SFUSD's minimum reqs for a diploma. I knnow you'd been wanting to see that kind of breakdown in an earlier post.

I wrote about it here

5:27 PM  
Blogger TMAO said...

Thanks, KC, that is what I wanted.

You could use this in numerous ways, but really, it confirms what we should all already know: It ain't the test; it's all the (non)teaching that preceded it.

In some respects, the fact the number is so high validates the schools. For 75% of those CAHSEE failures, the school had already been sending the message that you were not prepared. Leave for a second the fact they should do more in the first place, this is somewhat of a good thing. If the number came back 50%, that means that half those kids thought they had the skills. Am I rambling?

7:24 PM  

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