Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tree Planting

Saturday on the East Side of the 408 is dark, grey, drizzly, cold. We're making the campus better.

One of our after-school programs is the Arbor Society, a group of kids who spend a number of days after school caring for our trees, watering them, weeding the area around the base, etc. This year they have worked with a local organization committed to both environmental improvement and youth-community outreach. This group donated over thirty trees and we gathered on Saturday to plant them. Thirty kids, some parents, paraprofessionals and their kids, four teachers, the counselor and rock of this endeavor, POY and V-POY. You dig the holes, level the distance to the top, fill in the hole, screw down a support mechanism, attach it, spread the mulch, look in the camera and say "This is our tree." We planted a windbreak along one side of the track, and around the basketball courts, lined the quad with future shade.

You've seen these images probably too many times, the under-resourced kids planting trees to strengthen community ties and raise self-esteem, and how proud we are of all of them. It's different when you're really doing. And we're really doing it. We're resisting the plateau.


Blogger ms. frizzle said...

That's cool. My school has a paved school yard. There's a park two blocks away - a large one - but there's no grass that actually belongs to the school. The elementary school has a few planters that they used for a community garden project.

3:19 PM  

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