Thursday, September 01, 2005


Academic Performance Index scores were released yesterday to the public, a composite compilation of various factors that results in a score of 100-1000, a ranking of a school's general value. 650 is considered a benchmark for basic functionality, while 800 is the mark of quality.

Here's what we've done since I've worked at my school.

2002: 502
2003: 546
2004: 613
2005: 700

We went up 87 points last year, for the second consecutive year the highest improving school in the entire county. In three years we have gone from the worst middle school in the District to the best middle school. We are the first middle school in the District to score 700, the first to be qualified as "Basic."

Moreover, we have done while accepting every student into our home, regardless of aptitude or attitude. We have done it in the historical "gang school," the place with the highest concentration of English Language Learners, one of, if not the highest percentage of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch.

We have done it, and turn now toward solidifying and institutionalizing our success, moving now from okay, to good/great, becoming a boring school that does nothing be prepare the kids that would not otherwise get the chance.


Blogger posthipchick said...

you guys are doing a fabulous job and everyone in the district is seriously impressed. i know it was a lot of hard work that got you there. we were talking today about coming to observe your excellency. congrats!

8:25 PM  

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