Saturday, August 27, 2005

Getting the room ready

I am probably worse at setting up my classroom than any human ever. It's not that I put the desks in rows and let em walk into a bare, gray classroom, it's that I have no concept of how to get this stuff done in any orderly way. I fill some pencil boxes with supplies (but not all), tape down my overhead cable, grab a Kleenex box and put it down not where it goes, throw some more supplies in the pencil boxes, drink some D.C., turn on a fan, pick up the Kleenex and move it closer to where it goes, hang some signs (but not all), wander around outside for awhile, stand and stare at the room, move a plant, rearrange some of the desks (but not all), replay the songs I missed while I was outside wandering around, drink more D.C., throw out some trash, open the whiteboard marker containers, listen to the Mets play the Giants on the radio, write in a blog, turn off the fan, finally get the Kleenex box in the correct spot.

And yeah, I'm pretty hung-over, but this is ridiculous.

Forty hours to go and I'm:

1) Wishing I'd written down / remembered the order I presented my first week activities during the last three years.


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