Sunday, December 23, 2007

Seven Things Meme With Chuck Ragan

I've been tagged. I don't got much in the way of cleverness right now; don't have much in the way of wit. Gonna call on Chuck for some help.

1) When the air we breath is golden brown/
I don't seem to understand/
We have built a common masquerade
-Don't Cry If You've Never Seen The Rain

I can't help but feel that we've erected massive blindspots and extensive fortifications in the world of education. So much so that we need to spend endless time taking off masks and acknowledging the existence of the masks as masks before getting down to business. Can't help but feel that if we could stop this, things would get better in a hurry.

2) How could we know we would wash away?

My heart's all smashed into little pieces, the consistency of which varies from the sharp-edged brittle chunks that you shrink away from on contact, to the sticky, disgusting pieces you can't shake off, can't peel away.

3) Never underestimate the glory and grace in the way you move/
moving through me so enthusing/
I've never seen the likes of you in any other year I ever knew/
searching through me just to find you
-Above The Flames

This wasn't a small thing, a minor relationship, a passing attraction.

4) How do you get right?/ with one eye closed so tight
slipping backwards/ falling prey to plastic eyes
-Hearts of Stone

I'm not really sure how to move forward on this one. There's no blueprint or roadmap, no plan or path.

5) I wanna dance like nobody's watching/
And sing like nobody cares/
-Do You Pray?

If granted a wish anytime in the intervening period between 1994-2003, I would have requested the ability to sing gravely rock star style, a perpetual whiskey howl. Since that time, I would use the same wish to develop the talent to dance in a wide variety of socially beneficial ways. Believe you me, any hypothetical male offspring I may or may not have, will assuredly be enrolled in a wide variety of dance classes -- greatest of all social lubricants.

6) Steady after the wine/ time after time we arrive/
To watch the light shine through us/
Like ghosts as the candles burn as low as the go
-Do What You Do

I've got this whole set of memories that have transformed into hurtful ghosts, ghosts that call the parts of the 954 I visit this time of year home. These used to provide comfort, a quiet solitudinal joy, now they lurk and threaten, circling to strike with a thousand razor claws.

7) I can't stand feeling nothing/ I can't stand feeling cold
I can't stand standing for nothing/ when standing up is all I know
-California Burritos

That's why I'm a teacher.


Blogger Liz Ditz said...

xoxoxox from your 650 admirer. Hey! when you get back I'll buy you lunch.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Dina said...

A friend sent this today, an amazing collection of thoughts from amazing minds. Surfing it might distract pleasantly. Call it the equivalent of half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 7th grade lunchtime.

Hang in there.

7:06 AM  

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