Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If Ya Ever Get Stuck

I threw down my own workshop yesterday, a jagged and quick-paced thing that incorporates information on attention span, state changes, classroom zones, juicing up your procedures, and improving the independent practice section of your lesson plan. The thought-line that holds all this together is the word dynamic, repeated consistently, and held up as the small-g god of all classroom interaction. "Subject-verb agreement doesn't get my juices flowing," I tell them, "and I don't expect my kids to groove on it so much either. The solution is to create a dynamic environment and a dynamic set of processes in which the subject-verb stuff occurs."

I told three pirate jokes, including an inappropriate one that I wouldn't have gotten away with at the County Office presentation last Spring*, referenced fly-swatters as the premier pedagogical tool, and was completely stumped on how to send folks away when it was over. So I recited the masthead of this blog thing, and the snapping and clapping started.

It's becoming a stump speech.

*Q: What's a pirate's favorite sexual position?
A: MissionARRy


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