Friday, March 30, 2007

Cesar Redux... and Sharks

It's César Chávez Day today and I do not have to work. The holiday provides my justification, but those who roam the Mission District of my San Francisco home do not have the same plausible justification -- they can't all be teachers; not enough of them have that liberated shine to their eyes -- which makes me wonder how they finance the purchase of trendy coffee and hipster white belts. Alas, some mysteries may persist throughout the ages.

In any event, I wrote about C.E. Chávez in this space a year ago, and while more of us opted of the in-class lesson over the replica-march this year, the issues remain the same.

In other news, when the kid goes days without posting and then can only link to previous writings, you have to wonder if the blog hasn't jumped the shark just a little.


Anonymous Fellow TLNer said...

You go Fonzie! Spring break is just around the corner. We're all feeling it.

7:28 PM  

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