Friday, March 02, 2007

83 in a 65

We had the February Fight the other day, that boil over that happens once every year at this time mostly because they get tired of looking at each other, tired of passing each other, tired maybe of being here at all. These things are never fun, but they have become increasingly rare on campus, such that it's always a little bit of a big deal when they do happen, and with the undertones of gang-ness there's the need to watch for repercussions and quelch reprisals and whatnot.

In any event, I can't seem to stop listening to Avail, and there was this confluence as I was driving and thinking about all this, and listening to the stereo, and going too fast, and receiving my first speeding ticket in three years of commuting up and down the World's Most Beautiful Freeway. Because Avail hit upon a near-perfect understanding of teenage violence. It's spectacular in it's right-on-ness, even if the song was originally about meatheads who fight at shows.

Should've left that attitude back at home
Center of attention through tension
Begging for respect through the unsaid
Resorting to disruption when you hate something

Should have left that attitude back at home
Striving to dominate to feel safe
Showing your strength to the unknown
You probably won't quit when you hurt someone

What the hell are you fighting for?
I hope it's something you really believe in
Because someone got a fist in the face cause you're feeling weak
Now you're causing all these problems that nobody needs

You've got no good reason
Just an attitude


Blogger eponymous educator said...

haha, that's a good one. Oddly most shows, at least here on the east coast, could use a little of that tougher-than-you attitutde Avail railed against. The scene is all mellow and post emo right now. I feel a change coming soon though--at least it feels palpable at a Thermals show.

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