Thursday, December 07, 2006


The girls season ended, "not with a bang, but a whimper," losing three games we should have won, and finishing the season 2-7. This represents a two-win improvement since last year, but we never gelled, never found the groove.

Now the boys have started, and I gotta tell you, we're huge. Not big hulking types, but just size all over the court. Big shoulders, strong arms, good height, nice speed. There's a couple players who look like they score, a few more who understand the game, and if we hadn't got placed in the division of death, I'd be thinking playoffs. That said, I'm in that mode right now where I go home, turn on the stereo, and start diagramming offense plays and defensive alignments, and substitution patterns -- never mind the essays, and quizzes, and classwork. During class I'm thinking about practice, and I know I've meticulously planned out a week of practices far better than my week of literacy instruction.

If I'm barely getting the job done, it makes you wonder about the kids.

By the by:
Some folks said they've had problems commenting. I think it's a glitch. I surely did not put any restrictions up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's "losing" not "loosing."

3:25 PM  

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