Friday, March 17, 2006

Now I'm Really In Trouble

Those essays? Still ungraded.
That basketball tournament held every March? Underway.
Aw hell.

The alma mater needed two overtimes to dispatch a much lower seed with a history of upsets. The game started during third period and the heart palpatations I was experiencing by fifth period were making instruction very difficult. The foresight in scheduling a much-needed library visit during the first overtime, and the fortunate timing of the lunch bell ringing immediately before the second overtime were the only things that saved my sanity.

But seriously, those essays. Tonight there is basketball and St. Pattys. Tomorrow there is Saturday Academy and more basketball. Sunday there is playing basketball, watching basketball, the West Wing and somehow, those essays need to get done. Those essays are a 1-seed, and I'm the play-in-game winner.



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