Saturday, February 25, 2006

Week Off

"It is so choice. I highly recommend picking one up if you have the means." -F. Bueller.

Sleeping in, taking care of all those human things that teaching makes difficult, (laundry, car, thank you notes, taxes), drinking during the week, basketball, preparing food instead of ordering it, vacuuming. I've been doing about two hours of work every day, taking it easy, going slow. When that dragging feeling comes, it's time to do something else. I've prepared bilingual progress reports, breaking down performance within different areas of my classes. I've cleaned my apartment. I feel relaxed and healthy.

Week Off Highlight:
Naps. I've been averaging 2.5 per day. One comes about mid-morning, one in early afternoon, and an optional one in late afternoon / early evening. I'm 26 and I love naps. Say what you will.

Week Off Highlight (honorable mention):
Got some drinking done last night, and on the way out, saw one of those wooden display cases that carry all these tourist brochures for the San Francisco Bay Area. I grabbed almost 100 of those babies, and will use them for my functional literacy mini-unit. "What are the two ways you can purchase tickets for the ferry to Alcatraz?" It's gonna be great.

Week Off Lowlight:
Northbound 280 flat tire, steer off the highway and perform various tire-changing tasks, only to discover spare tire has inexplicably found a way to get twelve (12) thumbtacks buried deep. Cell phone gets no reception, tow truck takes an hour and then finally shows up with a car already up on the bed. The whole thing takes about four hours, during which I could've been grading, playing basketball, or napping. Not good times.


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Why must it end?

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